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Happy Anniversary House

Three Years Later

Three years ago yesterday we moved in to our quaint little home. I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that it's been three years since we closed. So much has happened, so much has changed. These past three years have gone by so quickly it's left me wondering if they even really happened. Life moves by quickly, so quickly. It's only deepened my resolve to stop and live in the moment every chance I get. 

The past two years I've celebrated our house's anniversary here on the blog. You can read them here and here. So I only thought it fitting to continue the tradition into year three. But this time around I thought we'd take a trip back in time to see what our house looked like BEFORE we moved in and ya know, adopted a dog. So get ready for some before and afters and glimpse inside our little world. 

This was the first time I stepped into what would become our home. We had the opportunity to walk the property with our realtor and having just come for work I only had my point and shoot to take pictures with. This is the BEFORE of the entryway to our home. 

And this is the AFTER. Not much has changed, except for a few details here and there. 

This is the living room's BEFORE, right off the entryway. The paint color was awful but we LOVED the hardwood floors! 

Here is the AFTER with the beginnings of our gallery wall. 

On the day we closed and moved in Dave surprised me with flowers and champagne to celebrate in our new kitchen! Here is the kitchen's BEFORE. 

And here is the AFTER. Finally my red kitchen accessories looked normal! 

My friend Tricia says every kitchen needs a rooster. Mine has two:) 

Our bedroom is probably my favorite place in the house. We've worked hard to make it a sanctuary. Here is the boring BEFORE. 

And here is the AFTER three years later. 

Just recently we finished the downstairs bathroom. Here is the BEFORE. 

And here is the AFTER. 

We have a bathroom upstairs as well that is adjacent to my client meeting space. Here is the BEFORE. 

And the AFTER. 

Here's the guest bedroom. To be perfectly honest we don't spend much time in here AND this is pretty much where all the junk in the house goes if people are coming over;). But nevertheless here is the BEFORE. 

And here is the AFTER. 

One of the biggest transformations is my home office and client meeting space. Check out the BEFORE. 

And the MUCH better AFTER. 

I didn't share with you the dining room or our backyard or our creepy basement. Our house, even three years later, is still a work in progress but I'm proud of what we've accomplished so far. Mostly I'm excited to see what life we'll live in this house in the coming years. Thank you house for becoming our home, for providing us with shelter and giving us a place to escape. Three years later you're still one of the best decisions we've ever made:) 

What do you love about YOUR home?!