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June Self Portrait


It's been a crazy month so far! And quite frankly, it seemed like May just FLEW by too! I've been so busy behind the scenes working on weddings, engagements, portraits AND getting ready to launch my new website and blog. Unfortunately it's left little to no time to take a self portrait! So I'm going to cheat and share one of my favorite images taken during a portrait session with Justin and Mary in January! I was having a great hair day, I'm enjoying a delicious cup of joe and I'm relaxing in my office. 

So here's May's self portrait. A self portrait taken by two other photographers. In January. Yep, it's a crazy time of year! 

To add to the self portraits not actually taken by me, here are a few of my fabulous couples from this past month! Aren't they cute?!

June is going to be an exciting month. Heck the entire summer is going to be exciting. Here are just a few of the things I want to accomplish in the next few months!

-- Launch my new brand. Including my new website and blog!

-- Have my promo video shot by the amazing Long Haul Films!

-- Get a REAL self portrait up for June.

-- Shoot some fabulous weddings and engagement sessions EXCEPTIONALLY well.

-- Get caught up on all the back end office work. Ugh.

-- Design and print some new sample albums.

What are you up to this summer?!