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The Lone Star State


A Trip Out West

Did you know that in Texas, the state flag is actually allowed to be raised higher than the United States flag? It's just one little tid-bit that I've managed to learn in my first few hours here in the Lone Star state. I'm visiting on of my dearest friends for the week and I'm pretty excited to soak up lots of country music, bbq, cowboy hats, some y'alls and hopefully a Yeehaw or two. It's actually one of my goals to visit 10 new states in the next few years and so far I've already managed to cross off a state and territory! And you bet I can't wait to get out and explore more of this part of the country! 

Needless to say I'm taking some time to relax, get caught up on some work and search for the perfect pair of cowgirl boots! I'll be back in a few days, but until then, y'all have a great week!