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What Are You Reaching For?

As many of you know I left a successful career as a news photographer to pursue my dream of being a full time business owner and wedding photographer. This dream is so much more than just these two things. It is a collection of desires buried deep inside my heart that I have been, at times afraid to run after. The things that when I see other people living them out, my heart aches to do the same. But why? Why do I just not allow myself to RUN after those things? What is holding me back from following the dreams that I have locked away inside my heart?

Earlier this week I mentioned that I attended Inspire Boston, a local workshop for Boston and New England photographers. Workshops are a great way to connect with other photographers and to learn. And I did both of those things. But something happened this time at THIS workshop that was entirely different than others I have attended.

Perhaps this workshop was different because I finally felt feel free to respond to the questions that I have been afraid to answer. Perhaps it is just the right time for me to begin to start living the life that I truly want. Whatever ever it is, I have so much bubbling up inside of me, that as I write this down, my hands are shaking and my heart is racing.

When I left at the end of these three days, I felt that I really needed to take a good hard look at this business I am creating. I needed to take a good hard look at this life I am living. And as I did this I learned things about myself that I never knew. I learned about the things that make my heart feel like it is about to burst out of my chest. I learned about the kind of business I want to have. I finally began to feel the freedom to chase after those things. I finally felt the freedom to truly dream. Have you ever felt the release to really let your heart soar, to say to yourself, "How do I really want to live?"

What are you afraid of? What is holding you back from reaching for those things you were created for? I encourage you to find out the why's, the fears. I encourage you to find out who you are. To write it ALL down. The good, the bad the ugly. Find a way to express what is in your heart and then be unashamed and unafraid to chase after that.

I want others to experience this. I want others to fully realize the dreams inside of their hearts and run after them with abandon. I want others to feel the freedom, the encouragement, the support to be unafraid. I want to see people living out the things that they were uniquely created to do. Because when that happens, crazy, wonderful things start to happen.