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Wedding Love: Favorite Memories

undefined There are some memories from our wedding day that I keep tucked away in my heart. Memories that I will bring to the forefront of my mind when I need a pick me up or a reminder of all that is good in life. Like the time when Dave and I were connected by a string of spit or the screams of my bridesmaids as they feared getting struck by lighting. Of course I'll always remember arriving in style in my Uncle's decorated van or breathing into a paper bag before I walked down the aisle. So many to special memories to choose from.

But my favorite memory above all is sharing a dance with my Dad. My Dad is not the overly emotional type, he's a typical New Englander. I'd never danced with my Dad before (except if you count standing on his feet dancing) so I had no idea what to expect. I left the job up to my dad to pick a song. As the first note began to sound he whisked me onto the dance floor and twirled me around. I felt like I was five, standing on his feet, all over again.

He chose "Too Marvelous For Words" by Frank Sinatra. A perfectly wonderful song for someone who doesn't like to dance (it's only 2 minutes long.) But more than that, the lyrics are simple and beautiful and mean so much to me. Dancing with my Dad for that short two minutes as Frank Sinatra serenaded us around the dance floor is my favorite memory from our wedding day. Nothing could have meant more.

Here I am dancing with my Dad.


Here's a video of Sinatra signing "Too Marvelous For Words". Ignore the weird dancing through columns thing and the fact the forgot a few words and just enjoy Sinatra's velvet voice:)

Of course wedding day details are important, the little things that make the day flow are important, all your planning is important. But don't forget to take a few minutes throughout the day to just forget all that and remember what it feels like on your wedding day. Try to capture slices of the day and tuck them away into your heart. Then when you need them most, you can reach in and relive each precious moment, just as if it just happened. You can relive exactly how you felt that day. What could be better? What's your favorite memory from your wedding day? What are you looking forward to most?