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Sean & Cassandra's Engagement At The Acton Arboretum

Cass and Sean are good friends of a photographer friend of mine. My name was passed onto them and when we met for our client meeting months back, I just knew that we were going to be a pretty good fit. However, going into their engagement session, I found myself slightly intimidated. They are of course fashionable, sleek city folk (:-P they live in Brooklyn) and friends with a photographer. What would they think of me? As soon as we started shooting though, my fears quickly disappeared. Sean is a relaxed go with flow kind of guy, and Cass is warm and bubbly, who could be nervous around them? We chatted about dogs and life together as we walked around the Acton Arboretum, occasionally posing here and there getting a good laugh out of the two of them. Working them was more than enjoyable:) They'll be married this fall at a family home and I can't wait! If their James Dean inspired engagement session is an indication of anything, it's sure to be a unique and special event!