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Our Newest Family Member: Meet Maya

I count it a victory that right before I sat down to write this post I managed to intercept an "accident" and got Maya outside before anything happened! Wow, I can't believe I am now one of those people, a dog owner. Even worse, I am writing a blog post about it! I've never owned a dog before and as we were sitting down filling out the papers to adopt Maya, a wave of anxiety swept over me. I'm not one that is very good with change and uncertainty. And that is exactly what owning a dog is for me. I had no idea what to expect. At one point the lady filling out application looked me in the eyes and just said, "Relax. Breath. Dogs are work but they are also a lot of fun." Trying to compose myself, I anxiously agreed and looked at Dave for reassurance.

Well, who would have known that our shy girl Maya, would end up LOVING me and hiding from Dave, the dog lover. We've formed a special bond and I have a new best friend. I still don't know what I am doing, but I do know that I am in love with that sweet little pup. In love with her tiny paws, her droopy ears and her tiny puppy wrinkles:) Even our lovely Jasmine has taken a liking to the dog, a true miracle.

So here's our girl, Maya. We high hopes for this little one! And rest assure this won't be the last time she makes an appearance here!