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Wedding Love: Love Recaptured In Her Own Words

As a former bride myself, there are times that I longingly look at my wedding dress. What I would give to be able to wear my dress again! I've received messages and emails from former brides, expressing the same desire: to be able to put their wedding dress on, just one more time. In some cases it is because they are unhappy with their wedding images. In others, they just want the chance to experience their dress again.

For this reason, I am so happy to offer Love Recaptured portrait sessions to anyone who are interested in getting into their gown or formal wear again. I know if I had the opportunity for one more chance to wear my dress again, I'd snatch it up. I was curious about what the experience meant to clients who have decided to put their dress on again. So here, in their own words, are their thoughts.


"It was a ton of fun to put my wedding dress back on for bridal portraits. It was something I didn't get a lot of before the wedding, and with my photographer and Debbie's styles being really different, it was a great opportunity to feel the spotlight again and try out different styles with the dress through a flowery belt, necklace, shots with the blusher, and different kinds of jewelry. It was every little girl's dream of playing dress up just to get her picture taken." - Mandy
"Deb, thank you so much for the opportunity to wear my dress again and get photographed by you! The one thing that bothered me about my portraits from my wedding day is that you could see the stress in my face! Wearing my dress again WAY after my wedding was so much fun, and so relaxing... it was also a fun way to celebrate an upcoming first anniversary with my husband! My favorite part was going out for ice cream as part of our shoot. We went out for ice cream after our wedding but nobody was there to capture it. Those photos I am the most grateful to have because it's one of my favorite memories from my wedding day. I would totally recommend either a wear it again session, OR a bridal session before the wedding. Wedding portraits are so important, but there is no reason to have to squish them all into your wedding day... you have enough to worry about then." - Meg
"I loved being able to wear my dress again. The engagement photos that Debbie took of my husband and me were so fantastic, so I knew the photos would turn out great. Since it had been a few months since the wedding, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my wedding dress fit better than on my wedding day! The venue for the photos provided some really artistic and creative images which matched my personality even more than my actual wedding photos. I felt like a princess all over again, and would definitely recommend doing a bridal or Love Recaptured session." - Cindy
Just like last year, I will be gifting TWO sessions to any bride and/or groom that would like to get in front of the camera again. This will be a first come, first serve deal, so if you've ever wanted to get back into your wedding dress, now is a better time than ever!
Oh and I forgot to mention, I am also offering these sessions at a discounted rate of $150. If you are interested email me at