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Life Captured: Meet Carrie, Ezra and Vera

The first time I met Carrie we were both new brides. I was barely 22 and still trying to figure out how marriage worked. I hardly had any idea of what I was doing. Carrie on the other hand seemed so confident in her new role as wife. She was effortless in her ability to be a caring and loving a wife, a great example to me, still fumbling in my own immaturity. It was soon after we met that Carrie and Sam welcomed little Ezra into the world, a now rambunctious and vibrant little man. And just last year they gave birth to little Vera, a precious and delicate baby. (Who also loves to eat rocks;)) I've been so blessed to document this family and to call them our friends. Their example as husband and wife and as a family has been a huge encouragement to me and countless others. Carrie, thank you for being you. For being open and honest, real and down to the Earth. But mostly for inviting us to share in life together. It's been a joy.