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J'Adore: So You Think You Can Dance


Wednesday nights during the summer are a sacred time in the Parker household. Why? Well because it's So You Think You Can Dance night!! Every summer since this show aired I've been a dedicated fan, loving every minute of each choreographed hour. Perhaps it's the fact that I danced until I was 13 or the fact that music has been such a huge part of my life since I was born. Either way, this show, just speaks to me.

Dance speaks to my soul. I find pure expression through movement set to music, there is just something so special about these two things put together.

So it's not surprise that I just love So You Think You Can Dance, my weekly summer escape. Here's my all time favorite routine from the show's 8 seasons. Enjoy and take some time today to just let go and dance. (Like no one is watching of course:))