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J'Adore: Pintrest

Hi, my name is Debbie Parker and I am addicted to Pintrest, and Facebook, and Twitter and... No seriously. Perhaps there is a Pintrest Anonymous group out there for people like me? One can only hope.

Until I hear of this group, I will continue to waste hundreds (ok maybe not hundreds) but lots of hours on this amazing site. Ever heard of Pintrest? It's fairly new but if you're like me and you love to pull inspiration off sites then you'll LOVE this site. It's a place where you can pin pictures of the things that inspire you, things that make you laugh, things that you love, things that you need. You can pin just about anything that you want!

For you photographers out there I've pinned my favorite books and wedding images that I love. This is my go to place to get daily inspiration right when I need it.  For you brides out there, I've started to create different design boards focused on everything from color to weddings themes.  And if you're house obsessed like me, I have two boards dedicated to my love of all things house related. My personal fave: the DIY board.

I'd love to hear what you'd like to see pinned. My hope is that I can create boards that are helpful to YOU, that give you that little bit of inspiration boost;) What would you pin? What are the things that make you smile?

I'll pick one lucky winner who comments below with their suggestion to receive a $20 gift certificate to Amazon, just for being awesome and helping me create a blog experience that benefits you:) I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

So what are you waiting for? Join Pintrest now! And then immediately start following me so that I can see your pins and I can re-pin them and get inspired. Please and thank you! :-P