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House Keeping: July 18 through July 26

Hi everyone! Happy Summer! Next week Dave and I will be celebrating our anniversary (on Thursday:)) up in the warm? city of Quebec. I've never been to Canada before and y'all know I love everything French so I'm pretty excited. Cafes, baguettes, books, French music, French people (sort of), French words!, oh my. Too bad I don't speak French....

There will be no blog posts next week and I am desperately going to try to stay off Twitter and Facebook. We'll see. I really want to make sure that Dave and I are spending that week with each other. And while I love you my faithful blog readers:), I'm going to make a concerted effort to be present on my vacation! I will be posting ONE post, already made, about our wedding five years ago! So stayed tuned for that!

I'll have limited access to internet, email and phone so I apologize in advance if correspondence is slowed until we return. If you need to reach me, my email is That is the fastest and best way to get in touch.

So here's to all things French. Or French Canadian. Or Acadian? Who knows, I'm just excited to PRETEND I'm in France. Au Revoir!!


July 18th-July 22 -- Quebec City, Quebec

July 23 -- York, Maine for Lisa and Brian's Wedding !!

July 24 -26 -- Orchard Beach, Maine



Photo courtesy of: The Travel Peach