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Happy Birthday To The Coolest Guy I Know

You had said you felt strange. Sitting at a bar, sipping scotch on a Saturday afternoon. You didn't feel cool enough, you said. You are after all, just an engineer. But as I heard you mutter those words I just couldn't understand. You are the definition of an amazing man, one of the coolest people I know! You love scotch and beer and you build engines for airplanes! You work on military vehicles and went to MIT. You've hiked mountains and bungee jumped. You've traveled the world and brought me along! You've owned a truck. You know everything, and I mean everything there is to know about sports. You even know how to work my crazy cameras. You can run crazy fast and can tell me all there is to know about buying a racing bike. You love bacon and make a mean burger. You introduced me to Indian and all things spicy. You can recite almost every line from Anchorman. You love 30d Rock and the Office, my kind of humor. You've taken me to Disney World just because I wanted to go (at age 24), you rent chick flicks and get me water at night. You're a leader, a teacher and help me learn every day.

You are way beyond cool.

So Happy 30th Birthday to the most amazing guy I know! I don't know what the next 30 years holds for us, but I am sure excited to find out!

Of course a post mentioning scotch would be incomplete without this: