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Wedding Love: Engagement Sessions and Bulldogs

Engagement sessions are supposed to be fun! And while I know that it can be hard to let go and just be yourself with a crazy red head following you around with her camera, my goal is to give you space to be yourself and have a little fun. Our time together isn't about getting the perfect shot, its about building a relationship. A relationship that is built on trust and friendship. My hope is that by spending an hour or two together, I can get to know you better and build your trust. Come your wedding day, I am not just stranger following you around with a big camera, but a trusted friend.

Last year, after following Amy and Salim around the North End for an hour, we parted ways. I met up with my husband to spend the rest of the sunny morning walking the streets of Boston. That was until I came upon a whole batch of bulldog puppies. During their engagement session, Amy and I actually ran into a HUGE bulldog and immediately realized that we both have an irrational love of all things wrinkly, stubby and snorty. When I happened upon this adorable crew of pups following their session, I immediately called Amy and told her not to walk, but RUN down the street. There were bulldogs to be cuddled!

Through the short time we had together, we go to know each other on a personal level. Not just as photographer and client, but as people. Amy and Salim were rock stars on their wedding day, comfortable in front of the camera, with each other and with me, the results of the relationship we had built.

So I encourage you to come to your engagement session ready to let go and just be! When you do that, amazing things can happen! And perhaps we'll find some bulldog puppies to squeeze. Here's hoping! (Don't tell Maya)