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Cat Inception

Working from home has it's challenges. Like when I described yesterday about what it is like when my husband ALSO works from home. Thank goodness it's not a regular occurrence or I'd get nothing done. I'd be laughing too hard! Working from home also has it's joys, like furry coworkers who sit at your feet ALL day. Jasmine is like a little reminder, that no matter how long my day is or how hard I am working, she's there supporting me. Even if that means an occasional nip at my ankle when it's time for dinner...

In other cat related news, my friend recently shared this video on Facebook. Alone, at my desk I laughed out load and then immediately watched the video again. I actually think that my cat's theme song is the main title from Inception. The dramatics, the tension, the crazy eyes. She's all about it.

And if you haven't seen this movie. Rent it tonight. And have your mind explode. Sorta.