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The Bookworm Club: Freckleface Stawberry by Julianne Moore

Ok, this really wasn't on my reading list. And I may have read the book cover to cover in a matter of minutes. But I can't help but feature this book. It's as if it was written just for me, Freckleface Debbie. How I longed for understanding when I was a kid. It seemed, like Freckleface Strawberry, that no one understood me and my bright red hair. I even wrote an article for the paper I used to work for about what it is like to be a red head. Today I am embrace the color of my hair but oh how do I relate to this book! It's adorable and perfect and I love everything about it. So maybe this isn't a real review of this book. But I don't care, go out and grab a copy of Freckleface Strawberry and give it to your favorite red head!

And just in case you had your doubts that book wasn't written just for me:

Happy reading!