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An iPhone Weekend

Ooohh technology. It's changing so fast and I'll be the first to admit that I'm not good with change. I JUST purchased my first smart phone this past Spring and while it took just about forever for me to buy, I can't imagine my life without it! Only down fall? It aids in my addiction to Facebook... With this iPhone comes the camera. People are doing SO much with their tiny iPhone camera. So in an effort to embrace change instead of ignoring it, I thought that I should start playing more with my iPhone. This weekend on a short trip to New York City to visit our good friend Courtney, I decided to make a effort to find images within my iPhone.

Let me tell you... it's HARD. Shooting with that iPhone and actually making a successful image is challenging. None of these are award winning images, but they're fun. So here's to a new challnege. And to fun trips to visit friends. And brunch, glorious, glorious brunch.

1. The Subway.

2. Brunch at Madiba in Brooklyn

3. Zoe. It's my store.

4. The view from a park in Dumbo and the place of many many weddings...

5. Who knew our street was in Brooklyn too? ;-P

6. The view from Courtney's rooftop in Crown Heights.

7. Tom's Restaurant, amazing brunch.

8. A vanilla egg cream, a Brooklyn creation.

9. The view from our short shopping trip to Union Square.

10. The Flat Iron building.

Courtney, thanks for living in NYC. We love visiting you. Even if we have to run like crazy people through the streets of Manhattan to catch our bus. It's all worth it just to spend time with you:)!