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A New Look... Have You Checked It Out?

I love to rearrange furniture. I get bored easily, especially when it comes to layout. Dave will often come home from work to find the entire house rearranged for no other reason than because I wanted to. He's a good sport about the whole thing, often teasing me for my antsy design sense. I've had my website now for over six months and in furniture rearranging time that is a LONG time. I LOVE my website, but having lived with it for a while, I wanted a few tweaks here and there, to give it a fresh look without changing the feel of the site.

And just like that, with the move of a navigation bar, a updated text section here, a new photo there, voila, a whole new look!

Here is what started it all, a year and half a year ago. I found these ads in several magazines and knew, just knew, that this was the look that I wanted to go for: girly, pink, romantic and fun. (*I'm so bummed I never took a screen capture of my first wedding website. I guess I was so unhappy with it that I never wanted anyone to see it. But looking back now, it would have been fun to see the evolution from the beginning)

Here is where the site started out after all our planning and dreaming. Tara did an amazing job and I was blown away by the end result:

And here is the site today after a few tweaks! What do you think? Do you like the "new" look? I'd love your feedback!

As always I have to thank my wonderful designer, Tara of Stupendous Design for her fabulous and beautiful work! I also have to give a BIG thank you to the people at Showit. Without them I wouldn't have been able to create a website that is completely my own, something that I can continue to tweak and change as my business grows. I can't wait to see what's next!


*If you have any questions about Showit, Tara or the whole design process, I'd love to hear from you! Just ask your question below and I'll make sure to answer through my Ask Anything series*