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A Breakfast For Photographers and An Excuse to Get Away From The Computer

Working from home can be VERY lonely at times. And while there is always Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself in the social media loop, nothing really beats the joy that comes from face to face interaction. (Especially if it involves coffee and omelettes:)) As I am rounding the end of my fourth month of working from a home office and I am particularly aware of a need for fellowship and connection. At times I can find myself buried in my computer for hours to only realize that I haven't talked to a single human being all day! I can become so consumed with meetings, emails, blog posts and editing that I neglect another important aspect of business: building relationships. Often times we have to be reminded that it's o.k. to take a break. It's o.k. to go out for a cup of coffee. Because at the end of the day what really drives and grows our businesses is not one more email, but the relationships and friendships that we invested in.

Last month on my Facebook page I announced a small photographer breakfast held at Soundbites. There was such a great response to a get together that I've decided to pull together another breakfast!

Here are the details:

Photographer Breakfast

May 5, 2011


Soundbites, Ball Square, Somerville, Massachusetts

Please R.S.V.P by May 2nd at

I hope that you can make it! I love meeting new people and connecting with old friends. So take some time away from the computer to eat yummy food, drink lots of coffee and begin building your network of support. You won't regret it!