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A Big Thank You

Back in October, I couldn't wait for November. I foolishly thought that I'd have this abundance of time to catch up on blogging, back end office work and spending time with the family. Well between traveling, editing, shooting engagement sessions, and just staying on top of every day work I've barely had time to do any of that! Like most professional photographers say, shooting is just 15% of what I do. There is SO much involved in owning your business!

Last week I wanted to post a small thank you to all the fabulous vendors that helped our Love Recaptured session come together. But of course we were traveling and I was working on weddings so it never happened. But here we are today, playing catch up! So here is a small thank you from me to all the great people that helped us recreate our wedding day:)

First and foremost I have to thank Katelyn James. Without her this whole thing would never have happened. I'm so grateful to my relationships with other photographers in the wedding industry, especially Katelyn's. While we live in two different states, she's always been so gracious and friendly to me, answering questions and just being a welcoming face in a very competitive and cut throat industry. When we first contacted her about coming all the way up to New England to photograph Dave and I, she didn't even hesitate. I can't imagine having another photographer there for us. We felt completely relaxed and ourselves in front of Katelyn and her camera and she captured us exactly as we are. Thanks girl, for the gift you've given us. Love ya!

Then there's Misselwood. When we were planning our wedding five years ago, my dream was to get married on the ocean. Growing up on the North Shore, the ocean was a huge part of my childhood and so I was extremely disappointed when that didn't happen. I've always thought Misselwood was a beautiful venue right on the Atlantic Ocean and so we knew it was the perfect place for us and our Love Recaptured session. They were fabulous from start to finish, giving up access to the property inside and out. We were the only ones there and at times it felt like our own private mansion;)! It was the perfect backdrop, the whole time I whispered to Dave, "This is perfect."

My beautiful flowers were provided by Sarah of K. Lilly Floral Design. She's created flowers for sessions here, here, and here. I love her designs and I was so excited when we were able to work together for this shoot. She even incorporated ribbon that I used for my own wedding in the bouquet! Sarah, thank you for all your hard work, your beautiful designs and your friendship. I can't wait to continue to work together!:)

Another talented friend, Meghan, created a necklace just for the shoot! I loved the small intricate details and I couldn't be happier. While for most of the shoot I wore the pearls Dave gave to me on our wedding day, we gave this necklace it's own photo shoot at the end:) Thank you Meg for your fabulous designs and being a part of this session! But mostly for your continued support!

Lastly there's Lena of Hair That Moves. I've worked with Lena on this session here and this wedding here. I've love the magic she works on hair and I knew that I needed her to help out my mop of hair! She tamed the beast and made me have one of the best hair days ever! She also provided me with some spray on foundation and fake eyelashes to help me feel extra beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the results. Lena worked her magic and helped me feel beautiful. Lena, thank you for driving down to my neck of the woods to be a part of this special day:)!

Thank you to everyone that had a part in making this dream become a reality. We feel blessed to have had this opportunity and are forever grateful we will have images to cherish for years to come!