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10 in 2010 Recap and Look Towards 2011

In January 2010 I made a list.  A list of the top ten things that I wanted to accomplish. And since the dawning of a New Year is a reflection of the old and a hope for the new, I thought I'd review my list and all the wonderful things that happened this year and share some of my dreams for the next. 1. Get Fit. Am I buff? Heck, no. But do I feel healthier than the beginning of this year? You, betcha. After loosing 18 pounds I feel amazing. I've got more to go, but it's been a great start and I feel like I am finally returning to my old self. If you'd like to know specifically how I did it, feel free to email me:)

2. Spend more time with God. I really had no idea what held in store for Dave and I and our journey with God this year. I really never envisioned some of the things that we have had to go through. In a moment of complete honesty here, it's been a hard year. But we've made it through and God has been faithful, steady and true. As we have had to face some of the toughest issues we have had to face as a married couple, we have found peace and comfort in God. He is a steady rock, and I am so grateful for his provisions in our life.

3. Run several 5k’s and one 10k. And run I did! In between weddings, portrait sessions, engagements and holding a full time job, I some how found the time to run six 5k's, one five mile race and a 10k. I really never thought in a million years that I would accomplish all this running, let alone a 10k! It's amazing what you can do if you push your body hard enough. I am by no means a serious runner, but I've enjoyed the challenge so much this year and grateful for several running buddies along the way! This year I plan on starting the running season a bit earlier and may even look into a half marathon. WELL SEE about that one though.

4. Spend more time with family and friends. Despite our busy and over worked schedule we did find time to spend family and friends this past year. We hosted a Christmas party, a fourth of July party, stood with Dave's sister as she married her husband, celebrate as they bought a house, nursed my dad through illness and back into fantastic health, and even managed to go on a HUGE and wonderful trip, ALONE, together. But of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement and we hope to be able to spend even more time with loved ones this year.

5. Create a manual for my business. Well, I started it at least. I have to admit that when things started to get busy, this was one of the first things to be pushed off the list. Hopefully as the season starts to slow down I'll be able to pick up where I left off. It's most definitely a work in progress as my business grows and changes almost every day.

6. Photograph as least ten weddings this year. I made this goal hoping to photograph ten weddings either as a second shooter or the main photographer. I am happy to say that at the end of the 2010 season, I have surpassed this goal! I shot a grand total of 17 weddings this year, plus numerous portrait and engagement sessions, all why holding a full time job. Needless to say I'm pretty tired, but so excited about the weddings I had the opportunity to shoot or second shoot, along with all the wonderful and beautiful couples I've been privileged to get to know this year. I could never have known just how wonderful my clients where going to be for my first official year of business. I really couldn't have asked for better people to work with. I love you all:)

7. Continue to develop friendships and connections with others in the business.  I think this all started to come together after my trip to WPPI with Spring, this past spring. Thanks to groups like the [B]School, I went into WPPI knowing a few friends and then walked away with even more. Attending workshops and PUG meetings, has also increased my network, and I am happy to say that I have begun wonderful friendships with many photographers in New England and the country.

8. Read at least one book every two months. And read I did! I did a small recap here. But have continued to read since then! Eat, Pray, Love, The E-Myth, The Help, The Overnight Socialite, The Secret Life of Bees, Red Hot Monogamy, Memoirs of Geisha, are just some of the books that I DEVOURED over this past year.

9. See my sister-in-law, Stephanie, get married. One of our favorite memories from this year was to see Dave's baby sister (and my sister through law and love:)) marry her love, Tom. It was such a beautiful and special day. They ended the year buying a house, so now we are looking forward to celebrating with them as they grow into their new home.

10. Watch my business grow. In all honesty, I could never have really predicted where this year would take Deborah Zoe Photo. While this year brought MANY blessings, one of which, me being able to go full time into this business, I am a bit more excited to look forward towards the future. I know this year is going to be even better than the last. I have amazing clients, an amazing family and so much to look forward to.


I've gone back and forth as to whether or not I want to do another list like this. But looking back, making this list has been HUGE. I've accomplished almost everything on this list, something I never thought I would! I would have been happy with one or two things crossed off! Because this list made such a HUGE impact on this past year, I am going to make a new list for 2011. So here goes. My 11 in 2011.

1. Dream Bigger. Ugh, when I hear people say this, I get all cynical and ask what the heck does that even mean?? But maybe I'm starting to understand it a bit more. I'm learning that it's o.k. to stretch myself and allow myself to dream of goals bigger than I think are possible. So this year, I plan to dream bigger.

2. Spend more time with God. Yup, it's back for 2011. This year I have more a game plan. I've started two books, yep I'm ambitious, loaned to me by a good friend. One is a daily devotional the other, Sacred Marriage, is food for thought on marriage. I find that reading and listening to music helps me to focus in on God and to be reminded of his goodness.

3. Watch as my Lizzie says "I do." One of my best friends, (for over 13 years people!) is tying the knot and has asked me to be her Maid (actually it's matron 'cuz I'm married, but doesn't that make me sound, well, OLD?!) of Honor. I AM SO EXCITED! So stay tuned for MANY posts related to this little shindig. I am so so SO excited for Liz and Ben. What a lovely and exciting time engagements are.

4. Book 20-25 weddings for Deborah Zoe Photo. I am WELL on the way to meeting this goal. We shall see what the earlier part of year holds for booking, but I am already at 50% booked for next year. I'm giving this number a bit of some wiggle room because I'd love to book 25 weddings, but would definitely settle for 20:) And of course I definitely want to continue to second shoot for other photographers, but I am not including that number in this list. Like I said, I am giving myself room to dream and a carrot to chase after.

5. Continue to run. A lot. Last year held a lot for me in terms of running. I had a great time and I am SO proud of the races that I competed in (psh not really competitively, but we can pretend. It sounds better than saying paid to run in!) I want to continue to push myself physically, continue to loose a bit more weight, but mostly just see what I am capable of.

6. Continue to read. A lot. Ok, ok, I know it looks like I am cheating, just copying my list from last year. But I really want to read A LOT. And judging from my Amazon wish list, I'll have my hands FULL of books to devour and things to learn.

7. Attend at least 1 workshop. I am a believer in never stop learning. I constantly feel like I could have done this better or could improve in this area or that I need to learn more about this. This is ever so true of my business and photography. I never want it to become something that is static and "old" for me. I want to always be improving, learning and becoming a better photographer.

8. Set up my home client meeting. This is a definitely a work in progress. I've rearranged our upstairs living space and repainted. I've purchased a few canvases and decorations, but the space is no where near ready for clients. I hope that by the end of the first half of the year the space will be good to go and client ready:).

9. Be featured on a major wedding blog or magazine. This is what I am talking about when I say dreaming big:) But it's here and I am going to push myself and my brand this year. Bring. it. on.

10.  I am putting in one secret goal here. No one knows what it is, except for me:)

11. Become craftier. I used to love crafts, making projects, being thrifty. I hope to relight the love I had for crafts and do it yourself projects this year. Planning a bridal shower might help;). Well there it is. My 11 for 2011. My dreams, my goals. It's out there. Help me be accountable:) What are your goals for 2011? I'd love to know what your dreaming about for this year!