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Wedding Love: Your Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions about my style, weddings and portrait session, my equipment and more.

What is your style of photography? How do you like to shoot? I am all about the little moments, the in between moments. I love being able to capture a smile, an embrace, a look, all these little things that describe an emotion or feeling. These moments, to me, tell the story, your story. I am at my core a story teller and use my camera to tell those special and unique stories. I typically shoot what I see with little posing. I am not afraid however, to give my clients direction to make them feel comfortable and get the best images possible for their session. For me, documenting a wedding day or a portrait session is a mix of photojournalistic storytelling and relaxed, FUN portraiture. I'm a natural light kind of girl. My favorite kind of images are made with natural light, not with flash or studio lights. While I may use some of those during, for example, a reception, I try to use them only as an accent. For my style of shooting, using the natural light that is already available is a perfect fit.

Do you include a DVD of images from our wedding day or a portrait session?  How many photos are included on the DVD? All of my packages include a DVD of your high resolution images from your wedding day or portrait session. Since this number varies from session to session the number of images may not be exactly the same. You will receive the best images from your wedding day or portrait session. I take out images with blinks or movement or other distracting elements and give you the absolute best. I don't give you a set number, say 300-400 images, but rather your most beautiful images.

Can I purchase the copyright to the images? The copyright to the images remains that of Deborah Zoe Photo. When you receive your DVD, you may print your images directly from the disc if you desire and make as many personal copies of the disc as you'd like, such as, for archival purposes. I hold the copyright to the images as they are my original work. I may use them for promotional use or on my portfolio or blog or submit them for publication online or in magazines.

What's in your camera bag? Lot's of awesome stuff:) I have a Canon 5d Mark II as my main camera and carry two other bodies with me as back up cameras. I have an array of Canon lenses including: 16-35mm 2.8L II, 70-200mm 2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L and the 50mm 1.2L (the last two being my absolute favorite to shoot with!) I also carry with me 50 gigs worth of memory cards, Canon 580exII flash, flash modifier and a battery pack. I use all Mac computers, and edit your images using Photo Mechanic, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Why should I create a wedding or portrait album with you? The simple answer is quality, quality, quality. I use nothing but the best: KISS Wedding Books. They use top of the line products to create your final album. Please check out the album page, under Learn More tab to find out more about this awesome product.

How long will it take to see my images after a wedding or portrait session? I try to blog several images as soon as possible after a wedding or portrait session. That way you get to see your images right away. These images will also go on the Deborah Zoe Photo Facebook fan page where you can tag yourself and your friends and family in the photos. After all your images are edited and ready to go, I will post them onto my online proofing gallery in a password protected gallery where you can view your photos and buy prints. You can also share this link with family and friends so they can also view your event. At this point, I create your DVD and send it on it's way! This part will usually happen several weeks to a month after your event.

Where will our portrait session or formals take place? Can you recommend locations? I do my best to get to know you and your personality before I get you behind the camera. I want to know what types of things you like and don't like so that we can pick a place where you will be most comfortable. I find that picking a location for a session or for portraits on a wedding day is collaboration between me and the client to find that perfect location. Sometimes, if possible, I like to meet with clients at their reception site or where they'd like to have a portrait session so that we can walk through it together and I can hear their thoughts and they can hear mine. Remember, it's not necessarily all about location and a beautiful backdrop. Light plays an extremely important role! There could be a beautiful backdrop, but if the light isn't flattering, the images won't be either. We can take pictures at the beach, in the woods, in a field, in your home, in the city, in the country, at your favorite bookstore or cafe. The options are really endless.

Can we use props or special items in our photos? I love being able to use items to customize your images and make them your own. The options are really endless and will vary from client to client. Some ideas are signs, special clothing, a special book, your dog, a frisbee, bicycles, whatever you'd like to include that is special to you. I currently don't bring along any props to a session but hope to some day soon start acquiring unique items that clients can incorporate into their shoots.

What do you suggest we wear for a portrait session? Should we get our hair or make up done? While everyone is different and has their own unique style there are a few key ideas to keep in mind while planning to dress and get ready for your portrait session. Try to avoid wearing white and looking to matchy matchy with the people you are being photographed with. Also dress for your location. For example, if you are at the beach, a black cocktail dress and heals might look funny, where a cute summer dress, flip flops or shorts would be very appropriate. When it comes to hair and makeup, it's always a good idea to go above what you might do everyday. While you don't want to look to over done, you do want your hair and makeup to stand out slightly more. For more information check out this Wedding Pearls posting on engagement sessions where I talk more about this very thing.

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact me And I'd love to hear if you have suggestions for questions I can add to this list!