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Work and a little bit of Vulnerability

It might be safe to say that I hide behind the camera. Ok, maybe not so much hide as become a different person. Some people would say that I am outgoing, bubbly, the happy-to-be-around-people type and this may be true. So, here's the vulnerability part. There have been times, when my inner self just wanted to hide under a rock, away from people and interactions. Can you believe it? Do other people feel this way? In this profession however, I have to be outgoing. I have to be that bubbly, calming, voice to my clients, giving them confidence in their photographer and satisfaction in their experience. So what get's me from hiding under a rock to organizing a rambunctious bridal party?

My camera.

It's funny how this simple piece of equipment can really help a person become someone else!

Thanks to my camera, I have grown considerably from a shy, little girl that I once knew.  I have a confidence now, that before, I didn't have. I have a deep love and appreciation for people that I had, at one time, never known. Growing up has been, for the most part, a beautiful process and photography has been a big part of that. My love for photography has helped me see the world in a completely new way. Importantly, it has helped me see myself, not as that shy little girl, but as a people loving, confident young woman. I owe a lot to photography.

Because, every post is better with photos, here are some taken by my good friend Spring during an engagement session in Newport, Rhode Island. Talk about GORGEOUS. Please ignore the crazy-just-got-my-hair-cut-wind-swept look! We we're right on the ocean after all!