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Walk Through A Wedding Workshop With Justin & Mary

When I created my 10 in 2010 I didn't expect to meet several of the goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. But I thought to myself, "Hey why not dream big?" And so I did, I thought of goals that were such a stretch for me they seemed impossible. But isn't that way it always goes? Just when you think something is impossible, there you are sitting in Justin and Mary's home in Connecticut....

Attending a workshop is on my list of 10 in 2010 but one of the goals that I just thought was to far out of reach for me this year. My business is to small, I don't know enough, I don't have the time.... The excuses were endless as to why I wouldn't attend a workshop this year. But somehow, everything fell together at the right moment for me. I was able to attend Justin and Mary's Walk Through A Wedding Workshop this past week. And not only did I get to attend, but I got to enjoy the whole experience with two other photographer friends, Spring and Kat.

Saying I learned a lot is an understatement, and I am still trying to process it all. Thank you Justin and Mary for opening your homes and lives to us twenty or so photographers. I was a joy to learn from you guys and watch you work, you guys are such an inspiration!