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The Sticky Pig

I'm an avid blog stalker of [B]ecker. For those of you who don't know, he's an amazing wedding and portrait photographer based in Orange County in California. He also created the [b] School, an online community for photographers, which is pretty awesome. Anyways, several weeks ago he created this post, which talked about an industry party he was attending. He gave a shout out to one of the vendors at the party, The Sticky Pig and I immediately started to salivate!

The Sticky Pig is the original gourmet handmade candied bacon company. When I checked out their website I knew that I had to get Dave some candied bacon for Valentine's Day. My husband LOVES bacon, I'd almost go as far as to say that he lives for bacon, but I won't. If he could eat bacon for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert he would.

Every day this week I waited patiently for the little package of bacon to arrive. It was at times tortorous but today that little package arrived! As soon as Dave got home I told him to open up the little black box on the counter. I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Needless to say the candied bacon was enjoyed by my husband and I. By the time we were down to our last bite I realized that I should have taken a picture of these little babies before we devoured them! Luckily the package came with an image of all the bacon that they create. We didn't get to sample all the bacon as we only got four pieces, but that only means we'll have to order some more soon!

Thanks [B]ecker for introducing us to this awesome company and thank you Sticky Pig for making my husband drool!