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Sweet little surprises

So, I thought that we were supposed to be snowed in up to our eyeballs today. At least that's how the weather men played it. Apparently not, just a gross, cold, mix of rainy snow. Maybe this means we are transitioning into spring. I sure hope so! I am really over the cold. Really. Today I had a sweet little surprise at work. One of my assignments brought me to Danvers Town Hall. For the past year they have been renovating this building inside and out. New floors, new heating, new windows. All brand spanking new or restored. It looks pretty good. All shiny and new.

We toured the attic, the offices, you know, all that Town Hall stuff. At the end we were taken to the basement and got to peak around a bit. There were a bunch of filing cabinets, where the recreation department kept all the basketballs, and this litte side room, barely big enough for one person. I have no idea what this room was for but it had a bunch of old journals in it and a wooden plaque.

At the top of the plaque was a name : Wilfred J. Swindell. That's my grandfather's name. And below, my great uncle's name Burpee Swindell and two other related Swindell's (I believe my grandfather's brothers) on the plaque as well.

I squealed, proudly exclaiming to the town manager and the reporter "THAT'S MY GRAMPY'S NAME!" It formally was a plaque (that has now been replaced I'm told with a much nicer plaque) dedicated to those in Danvers who served in World War II. And at the top of that list was my Grampy's name, Wilfred.

For me it was special because I never met my grandfather. He passed away when my mom was very young but yet here is this plaque honoring him and others that served their country. Needless to say, my heart swelled with pride. What a great, little treat to brighten this dreary, snowy day!