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Summer hurry fast!

I'm sitting on the couch right now. The heat is blasting and I'm in sweats, sweat shirt, fleece and covered with blanket. I've got a box of tissues by my side in hopes to stave off the cold I've been fighting the past few days. I spent the day running from the house to the car to the building to the car and back again. It's been cold. After 25 years, almost 26 years, of living in New England, you'd think that I'd be adjusted to it by now. But it is the same story every year. January rolls around and I start to get cabin fever. The cold air seems to just be colder. The days seem to drag on and the time from now until when the temperature doesn't dip below 70 seems like an eternity.  I crave summer on these cold winter nights. I long to be able to run outside without my lungs burning or sit on my porch and sip a beer with my husband.

There's still at least three months to go until we start to see warm weather again. So I will try in the meantime to enjoy this cold weather. I hope to ski for the first time ever this winter and to snow shoe with the family in February. I may not love the cold weather, but I'll still find some way to have fun in it.

So in memory of the time where tank tops and flip flops are my staple attire, I'll leave you with these. Can you feel the warm breeze on your skin? No, well maybe if you sit in front of the heater and look at these..... Whatever it takes people! :)

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