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Ask Anything: Stalking...errr Blog Stalking of Course!

If someone were to count how many hours I spend scrounging through blogs, they might immediately put me into rehab, internet rehab of course.

But as a first time business owner, the information I have found out there in the blog-o-sphere has been integral to my growth as a photographer and entrepreneur. I find daily inspiration from the blogs that I follow; anything from home improvement to photography. My web surfing covers the gamut. People are full of fascinating ideas, thoughts and art, and I love, LOVE, soaking it all in.

So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorite blogs that I frequent and why:

Justin and Mary -- Do I really need to explain why I love these two?? Down to earth, real people who share their love of photography and each other daily:) And how can I mention Justin and Mary without Julia! This trio pumps out some of the most beautiful wedding imagery. And they are also fellow New Englanders!:)

Jasmine Star --  Cliche as it may be, Jasmine is responsible for me becoming a wedding photographer (even if she doesn't know it:) ) After seeing her work three years ago, I realized that I could not only become a wedding photographer, but I could become the kind of wedding photographer that I wanted to be. I could follow my own road, shoot how I see the world and not worry about falling into a certain, one size fits all box. This has been INVALUABLE to me and I give her all the credit for helping me begin to dream.

Morgan Matters -- Morgan's images are so adorable. They have this playful feeling to them that I just adore. And she's a really sweet person to boot!

Shyla -- Shy is one of those people, that when you meet her, you immediately fall in love with her personality! I found her blog just over a year ago and have been lucky enough to get to know her since. I couldn't believe that she was in the New England area, creating these stellar images of places that I knew and loved! She is so talented and I love visiting her blog to see what she has come up with next. Her eye is incredibly unique.

Katelyn James -- What to say about Katelyn! I found her through Jasmine Star's blog several years ago. I followed her and just loved her (she is a fellow red head of course;) ) This past WPPI, I was sitting in a HUGE room waiting for Jasmine to begin her presentation when I turn around to find Katelyn sitting there! She is just an amazing photographer and a wonderful person, a great combination. I feel I can relate a lot to her as we are similar in age, in infancy in business, and she was recently married!:) (We've been married for four years but still like to pretend we are newlyweds...)

Michelle Moore -- Do you love fashion? Then you HAVE to check out Michelle's blog. She is amazingly talented. Her work is literally like eye candy. Anytime I need inspiration and fresh ideas, I go straight to her blog.

Jennifer Skog -- I just recently started following Jenn's blog. She is EXTREMELY talented and her work is SO fashion forward. Her images are dramatic, fun and fresh. I just love everything about her images. While our styles are completely different I love finding inspiration through her work.

Bobbi + Mike -- Ooohhh, what can I say about Bobbi + Mike. I've never met them, but so was struck by their blog and Bobbi's writing that I HAD to write to them and thank them for all that they share. Their images are completely unique and I love that. They take regular couples and produce some of the most creative and beautiful work. DEFINITELY check them out.

Susan Stripling -- Susan's is another recent blog that I follow. Her images are dramatic, beautiful and timeless. I just ADORE her work. I hope some day that I can create images as moving and beautiful as hers.

Jamie Delaine -- Who doesn't love Jamie? When I first visited her blog, I expected to see someone in her thirties who has built her business up over the years. But instead I found a girl, just about to graduate from HIGH SCHOOL. I've loved being able to watch as Jamie grows up, continuing to push the limits with her work. It's really fun to experience her journey with her.

Non Wedding Related:

The Big Picture -- As a photojournalist, I LOVE looking through others work, especially from around the world. If you haven't checked out The Big Picture, GO. NOW.

VII -- This isn't a blog, but an agency's website. But just look through it. You will walk away amazed.

Young House Love -- I think its the fact that we bought our house a year ago that makes this blog so near and dear to my heart. A young couple fall in love, buy a house, decorate said house, have a baby and get famous;) But beyond that they offer awesome tips and tricks for how to take an old drab house and to turn it into a home.

Yellow Brick Home -- In the same category as Young House Love, Yellow Brick Home, is written by a young couple living in Chicago. That ALONE makes this blog awesome:) She also offers awesome decorating tips and tricks. Here's to happy blog surfing!! Enjoy!