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Run, Run, As Fast As You Can...

I've run five races in the past four months. To some of you this is a small accomplishment, I know who you are and envy your athletic prowress! But for me, it's a different story. I'm not super athletic, even though I want to be, and I am inspired by those who are. So in January of this year, I made a list of ten goals that I wanted, no needed, to accomplish this year. Running was on that list.

I've never been a fan of running, in fact, as you can read on our family blog, running and I have been some what of enemies since I can remember....

My first memories of running are in gym class in elementary school. I think it was part of a physical fitness test and we were required to run around the school's fields four times. That's one whole mile. Now, I don't think that I had ever run more than a dash here or there before. Ride my bike all over town, sure, but run, nah, wasn't my thing. What I specifically remember about this task, besides the fact that I felt like I was going to die, was everyone else finishing before me. As they sat on the steps behind the school watching me die as I tried to finish, I thought to myself, "Running, I hate you!" And that was it. Running would not be a part of my life.

Fast forward to high school, where, in order to make the field hockey team you had to run a mile in 8 minutes. There was no way that I was not going to play field hockey without all my friends. In two months my 11 minute mile was reduced to 8. I made the team and over the next three months I lost 60lbs. It was a crazy time. I also was on the track team in high school. For a self described, non-runner, I have no idea why I tried out for the track team besides the fact that my best friend was doing the same. We were part of the weight team but don't think that we didn't run. In fact we'd often do the same workouts as the sprinters. I'm tired just thinking about it.

It was these workouts and my own hard work to run a mile in 8 minutes that I began to develop an appreciation for running, but certainly not a love.

So this year I wanted to really give running at try, to see if my love/hate relationship with running could develop into something more. I wouldn't say that today that running and I truly love one another. I still find myself cursing my jog on a hot summer day through our hilly neighborhood. What I do have, is a deep respect for running, a desire to see where it can push me and a gratefulness for helping me grow. To top it off, I've lost 17 pounds, a lovely added bonus. The year isn't over yet and I have one more race planned for the fall. Until then I'll continue to train and hopefully push myself.

I know some of you are thinking why the heck are you even posting this on your blog? Well, the simple answer is because running has become a part of me. This blog is a place to share not only about Deborah Zoe Photo, but also about me. I thank you for sharing your life with me and I hope that I can continue to share mine with you. Have a great weekend!