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The Office Remodel Part I

When we bought our home just over a year ago, one of the features that I loved most about it was the lofted space on the second floor. Open to the dining room below with a spare bedroom off to the side, I thought this was the perfect space for my office. I had hopes, that one day, this would be a space where I could meet with clients, hang art work and use as a place to grow my business. After a year of working within this dark, brown space. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed a change and I wanted to start to immediately.

So I decided to bite the bullet and head to Home Depot for some paint. And paint we did!

Here is what we were working with before: a dark, gloomy and just not my style, space.

Before: (these photos were taken before we even moved in, while we were going through the inspection)

Three paint samples and an entire coat of primer later, we started in with our new color. We ended up picking a very soft, neutral shade. I am all for using color and contrast in design, but since we were working with a LOT of wall space and it was going to be for my office we decided to go safe and punch it up with furniture, accessories and canvases later!


Now, isn't that cheerier?! I love going upstairs and being welcomed by sunlight and bright, crisp walls, even on gloomy overcast days. Before, it would have been like working in a cave.

This office remodel is FAR from over. We have canvases to order and hang, furniture to purchase, accessories to decorate with and more. And of course, I'll be walking through it all right here!