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My Long Lost Calling as a Postal Worker

I love getting mail. Unless it's a bill, of course. It's like a little surprise to greet you at the end of the day. I once told Dave that if I wasn't a photographer that I wanted to be a postal worker. I began to describe to him the joy I would get from organizing, sorting, and sifting through everyone's mail. Giddy over the thought of making sure it would get where it needed to be. Basking in the sunshine I pretended was hitting my skin as I explored neighborhoods in my pretend job. "I love mail, sun, and organization," I said. "What could be better?" "Ok...", he said, giving me a strange look. "You're a unique one." So in the spirit of my long lost calling as a postal worker, I thought I'd post some of the recent mail I have eagerly received.

Stephanie and Tom's Save the Date for their Lake Winnipesaukee wedding!

Stephanie and Erik's save the date for their Portsmouth wedding! I love that I can hang this on my fridge!