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Life Captured: Liz's Boston Portraits

Saturday was filled with all things that I love. Friends, relaxation, momos, Trident Cafe, and a leisurely stroll down Newbury Street. Oh and I even got two super cute earrings on SUPER sale. Love, love, love. But maybe what I loved most about Saturday was photographing my friend, Liz. Liz and I got way back. I mean way, way, WAAAAYYY, back. All the way back to seventh grade where we awkwardly tried to make our way through our teens. Since then we've gone through A LOT, but we've always managed to be there for one another, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

It was entirely fun to catch up on life over ice tea and momo's Saturday and drag her all over the city. She rocked it in front of the camera. I love Boston and I love my friends:) Enjoy!

I can make her laugh just by telling her to laugh. I am talented.

Liz, you are beautiful!

I love when people can be their awesome crazy self!

I love, love, LOVE these next two!

Liz, I love you, thanks for being, well, awesome:)