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Jasmine the Huntress

I've been feeling  sentimental lately. I recently flipped through my iPhoto catalog of images and came across photos of our cat Jasmine of when we first took her home from the shelter. The sentimental bug bit me. See, when we first met Jasmine she was this tiny kitten, with ears too big for her head and an endearing, girlie demeanor. Now, almost two and a half years later, she has grown into this spunky, personality filled, mouse hunter. Much to my dismay, she has brought up four LIVE mice from our basement this past month. Proud as can be, she trounces through the kitchen with her prize in her mouth, ready to drop it at our feet. Ew.

She's grown up.  And sometimes I find myself sad when I realize she's no longer to small for her ears, or that she doesn't fit inside a Jasmine Sola bag any more. I can only imagine how I feel when we have babies and they grow into teenagers and then adults. Good thing we have pets to experience this all with before we have kids!

Here is Jasmine the night we brought her home. Already she is playing with her mice toys. Should have  been a sign...

Here next favorite toy was fishey. We haven't seen him in a year or two... he could be hidden under the stove, her favorite place to hid toys.

These last two are a little more representative of what she looks like now... maybe a few ounces lighter though;)