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It's Arrived!

I guess I am one of those people that don't immediately jump on the band wagon of technology. I'd rather wait, see what the product does, see the reaction of customers and then make my decision. So, over two years after it's release, I purchased the 5d Mark II. Talk about taking your time! Despite my hesitancy towards change and things new, I am really excited to have this camera as part of my arsenal. The full frame, the small body, the video. I can't wait to play with it all! It is quite the change from my 1d Mark II, which has a much larger body, faster shutter speed. I will miss my old friend, but not to worry, it's still part of my kit. I'm just giving it a MUCH needed vacation ;)

So be on the lookout for my next portrait sessions (coming soon:) ) that will be used with this little baby. I'll be sure to give my feed back. From all the comments on my facebook page, sounds like I'm going to fall in love!

*Please ignore the PJs, just got home from a really long day at work, no make-up look.