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Ask Anything: Friendship and Being Blogged

I.have.been.blogged. Seriously?! Yup, yes, si, I have. I still can't believe it really. On a fall-ish day this past September, I met Shyla and spent an early evening skipping through the streets of Marblehead while being photographed. It was an anxiety inducing, belly laughing, confidence building kind of time. All of these emotions, fears and feelings came bubbling up as I tried to play it cool for Shyla. Clients, I can truly say that I know how uncomfortable and, at the same time, freeing it can be to be behind the camera.

I feel like this post could be two split into two parts. Part One: Being behind the camera is haaarddd. Part Two: Building relationships is pretty awesome.

You see, I met Shyla over coffee this past winter (almost one year ago!), and thus began a budding friendship built on coffee, cameras and life. Shyla has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and information for me over this past year and I have greatly appreciated all of her time and investment in me:) (thanks Shy!) Investing in a relationship with other photographers has truly helped me and business to grow over this past year.

So earlier this fall, when I needed images for my new blog and website I knew exactly who I would call. Having a prior relationship with Shyla and also knowing her style of photography, I knew that was the perfect person for the job. She would help to make me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and create some stellar images. Since, I was nervous, she was patience and kind and helped to make me giggle, a lot. I love the images she created and I am excited to start using them!

Having a relationship with your photographer is so, SO, important. Since I felt comfortable with my photographer, I was more willing to take risks and to trust her when she posed me a certain way. In the end my images were that much better because of the relationship we had. There really is nothing better than being able to trust your photographer 100%.

So photogs, I highly recommend that you get behind the camera. Grab your photographer friends and start shooting away. Learn what it is like to have someone direct you, how it feels to stare down a camera and what it's like to pose your body in certain ways. It will be invaluable to you as you work with your clients in the future. Plus, you'll have some fantastic images of yourself to boot!

And don't forget to build relationships with other photographers in your area. People help people grow. All it takes is an email, a cup of coffee, and some bonding over nail polish and Anthropologie to start...