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Bumbleebee and Sophie, Friends, and Little Surprises

Yesterday was a LONG day and by the time I actually got home, took off my shoes and dropped my camera bag, I was EXHAUSTED. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed, cuddle with the hubby and fall asleep. That was until I saw a little unexpected package with my name on it and the logo of Bumbleebee and Sophie, a children clothing and accessory line that my friends Sarah and Cindy recently launched. I ripped open the package. Inside I found a little note from Sarah and Cindy and a small business card holder, complete with their little bumblebee logo!

Well I jumped up and down, no lie internet, and immediately showed my hubby, who, while thinking that it was a very sweet present, simply could not appreciate the contrasting fabrics and the bright blue modern print. (He's an engineer, he speaks in mathematics and charts.) I mean, seriously, I was floored with their thoughtfulness and generosity!

Ok, so onto the business card holder, because there is no way that I was going to talk about it and not take some photos! We'll start with the blue print.!

Isn't that little bumblebee the cutest thing ever?!

I am so grateful for my friends support as I have started this business. And little notes of thoughtfulness like this from Sarah and Cindy, just floor me. Your support, thoughtfulness and confidence in Deborah Zoe Photo is more than I could ask for!

Soooo, if you would like more information about Bumblebee and Sophie and how they got started, click here. Make sure to give them some love while you're there too!