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The Best of 2010 Behind the Scenes

Thanks to Dave and Spring, my amazing second shooters this season, I have plenty of behind the scenes images from this year. And since I am always up for a good laugh, I thought I would share these images with you, in hopes that you too, can laugh. At me...err...with me.

Sometimes shoes just are not necessary.

My lovely sunlight blockers. At least they are having fun!

My good looking clients make my job so easy.

I was concentrating so hard, my hair sprouted a tree branch.

Let me show you how holding a bouquet is done. It's serious business.

"You want us to do what?" ....

Portrait time is fun!

Can you spot the creeper?

Chimping, it's what I do best.

Photo ninja.

Look at the big dork over here and smile!

Up in your business...

That was SO funny. Ok, maybe not so funny.

"Hey guys, I mean I know I am the photographer and all, but can I join your dance party too?"

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound....

"Ah, we've just met and your hand is on my thigh..."

So maybe I was smiling because I was dancing AND taking photos at the same time. Go multi-tasking!

Oh, if only my hubby would come and help me instead of taking photos of me...

He takes pictures and holds lights, all while looking hot. Man is he talented.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dave and Spring for all your help, encouragement and support over this last year. You have helped me in more ways than one and I am so grateful for all you guys have done! Being on your feet for eight hours or more, shooting until your fingers go numb, driving to far away places, eating candy when there was no food, getting water, holding lights, carrying bags, handing out business cards and loving on the bride and groom. You guys did it all and helped to make the each day fly by. Thank you to the best shooters a girl could ask for! And thanks, I think, for documenting me as I worked. I am forever grateful? :-P