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Avedon, Fashion, and Babies

It feels like I have been running on all cylinders this summer. Here, there and everywhere. It hasn't left much time for relaxation or time for just sitting still. The rare days that I have nothing on the calendar I cherish. Friday was one of those days. I immediately called up my besty, Tricia, and told her we were going to go see the Avedon fashion exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. If it has anything to do with Paris, Fashion, art, and shoes, we are ALL over it!

The show did not disappoint and I am saving up my pennies to buy Avedon Fashion 1944-2000, a collection of his fashion photography which the show was based around. For those of you who don't know Avedon, look him up. He changed the way fashion and fashion photography was done back in the day, primarily right after World War II. His images are amazing. I could just sit there all day, trying to see what he was seeing. His eye for composition, movement, and detail is just inspiring.

The best part of the day was that Tricia brought along her little Mason. You may remember Tricia's maternity session and Mason's newborn session from this past winter. Well time flies and Mason is already crawling! It's overwhelming to think of how fast kids grow! Mason just sat in his baby bjorn smiling and giggling the ENTIRE time. He sure is a fun baby to be around:)!

HELLO! Check out these shoes!! ANNND the Eiffel Tower? It's to die for!

One of Avedon's famous images at the circus. Beautiful.

Cover of the new book. The size of an entire wall.

Tricia and I. See the person in the background bringing us our champagne?

Ok, ok, now to the best part of the post. Our museum buddy:)!

Look at him sitting up all by himself!! He's getting soooooo big!

Tricia, thank you for spend my day off with me! It was refreshing and a great way to find inspiration!

Sooooo, if your in the Boston area and love art and fashion, you HAVE to check out this show!