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Product Highlight: DVD Packaging

I have felt for a while that my DVD packaging could use a little pick me up. And with the launch of my new website, logo and branding, I felt that now was a better time than ever to start! But where to begin? There are SO many options out there and it can get VERY overwhelming at times, trying to pick and choose the best products to offer your clients. I loved, loved, LOVED, Cypress and their DVD folios, but their price tag made my wallet want run and hide in fear.

The Cypress folios are beautiful, but I wanted to see if there was a way that I could take that look and try to create something on my own.

So I headed over to Bay Photo to see what they had for DVD folios. I had originally ordered some leather folios from there a while back and wasn't to excited about the final product. But I remembered that they also offered a linen option and thought I'd give that a chance.

As soon as I received my order in the mail, I knew that I would love these folios. The linen is a soft, textural fabric that fits in great with my new re-branding. So with that I set to work, visiting several local craft stores until I found the perfect ribbon. Armed with some glue and scissors I busily cut and pasted the ribbon on. Here is the final product.

There ya go. With a little elbow grease, I created a look that was all my own. Is it exactly like Cypress? No, but I'm ok with that, and I really enjoy how each of these folios are slightly different and unique.

So, if I owe you a DVD, and I know who you are;), not to worry. Your handmade:) DVD folios are on their way, heading to your home soon! Enjoy!