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Life Captured: Nia

On Saturday afternoon I got a phone call. It was my very good friend Anna asking if they could spend the evening at our house. "Sure thing!" was my thought in my head, but since she called while I was taking a nap, I  muttered a very groggy sure instead. Boy am I glad that they decided to visit! We don't get to see these folks all that often (these folks being Anna, her husband, Dave and their little girl Nia.) Since we had our first big snow storm on Saturday evening,  Sunday morning, while the girls stayed warm inside, the boys went out and shoveled out our house. It was a neighborhood event and was very fun to watch from the comfort and warmth of my living room!

Nia was fascinated with two things, watching daddy shovel outside and our Christmas Tree. So I took advantage of her sitting  by the window  and photographed away. Warning: Your hear my just burst with the adorableness of this awesome little girl!



She has more and more teeth coming in all the time!


She was so happy to watch daddy outside!



Nia has this thing about pointing. She was fascinated with the camera. It always amazes me to watch kids explore and think.


I just about died when I saw these next too!



We love you guys!!!

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