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Sunset Over Beverly

There are days at work (the Salem News) where you could find yourself running all over the Northshore from schools, to sporting events to town meetings and more. There are days when you are so busy, your attention is directed in a million directions and you wonder how you could possibly achieve all you need to in an eight hour period. Today was not one of those days.

The holiday season, good or bad, can be a very slow time at a newspaper. The school events start to slow down, there are less and less sporting events. There just is not that much going on. I found myself in that very situation today. I came in to work, logged on to find that there were NO assignments for me.

What does that mean for a news photographer? That means you go out and find things to take pictures of. These days take quite a bit of initiative and self motivation. Sometimes it is easy to come by, sometimes not. On this day I found that what inspired me the most wasn't a photograph of someone doing something but rather what the sun was doing. I happened to be on my way back to the office at the end of the afternoon when I saw this and just had to stop. I know it's not your typical newspaper shot, but sometimes it's good to branch out a bit! Let me know what you think


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