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A Walk Through The Arnold Arboretum

On Columbus Day Dave and I spent the afternoon at the Arnold Arboretum with hopes of beautiful foliage, green grass and blue skies. Apparently it is a little to early in the season for beautiful foliage but we did get to see lots of blue skies, green grass. I really love this place, it's like an oasis in the middle of the city. Dave loves that all the plants have signs on them so he has something to read. Me, I just love the beauty of nature. The air was crisp and it was just a great, typical fall day here in New England. Our time was cut short as I started to not feel well and now have a full blown cold. But we had enough time to take some photos and just enjoy being outdoors together. Our walk started in this little grove of trees and the light coming through was just beautiful.


Like I said, not quite foliage time here in Boston.

JP9C3172JP9C3195JP9C3208JP9C3225But I did find this beautiful yellow leaf tree. I have no idea what kind of tree it is but it was gorgeous.JP9C3227JP9C3251JP9C3276Dave managed to grab these two of me right before we left. I told him he should second shoot with me sometime. He wasn't to convinced. JP9C3233