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Jasmine the Huntress

In the last month we've had two animals running around in our house! And that is not including our cat Jasmine. The other night she brought up a mole, ALIVE, in her mouth as a prize for Dave and I. She decided to drop it in the middle of the living room for us. Needless to say the mole was squealing and I was screaming. And then just this weekend she cornered a bird that flew into the house while the sliding class door was open. I mean I'm glad she's all hunter - like, but I would much rather her play with her toys than the real live thing!

So In honor of this little bundle of fur, I thought I'd share some images I've taken over the few years she's been a part of our family!


We first met Jasmine almost two years ago.  Dave surprised me with a trip to the MSPCA just after Christmas. We were just going to look. I was across the room looking at that was bouncing off all the walls, but Dave was smitten with a small, tiny, gray cat poking her hand outside of her cage. He called me over, "We have to get her!" he exclaimed. I wasn't so sure, but Dave loved her and a few days later we took her home.

Well, Jasmine sure played her cards right and we completely fell for that "I am so sweet, pleeeeeease take me home" act! Don't let her cute demeanor fool you, she's a HANDFUL! Here are some of the best photos we've taken over the past two years.

This little fish was lost for almost a year. It was her absolute favorite toy. Do you know where she hid it? Under the stove.

_P9C0665Napping is her FAVORITE thing to do._P9C0825

Unfortunately, Jasmine Sola, which was this awesome store around here, closed... So I decided to make good use of their bags._P9C1223

Jasmine loves when the UPS man comes with presents from B&H_P9C2293Last year was her first experience with a real Christmas tree. One day I couldn't find her ANYWHERE. I walked past the Christmas tree and heard a gingle. All of a sudden Jasmine flew through the air, from the middle of the tree. During the holidays, it's her favorite place to be.

_P9C5514_2_P9C6109She's a little gullible...

_P9C6220I'll leave you with this gem from when we were living in the apartment...IMG_0996