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Is there such a thing as a Christmas addict?

Folks, I'm going to admit it right here on the world wide web (do people call it that any more?), that I love Christmas. Last night, after I watched a Christmas commercial, I started to sing along and go off on my own little version of a White Christmas. Dave told me he married a four-year-old, a very cute four-year-old.

I just can't help myself. Ever since I was a kid I loved everything about Christmas. The cookies, the candy, the presents, the decorations, the music, and as I got older the meaning of Christmas.

So in that spirit, and yes I do realize that it is not even Thanksgiving yet, I'd post some of my favorite images from Christmases past

DSCF0055 DSCF0109

We host a party every year, this is one of my favorite pictures from one of our parties.  Stephanie, my sister-in-law also gave me a present in this awesome bag one year. (*it says  "So many men, so little mistletoe" Loved it, not sure if Dave did ;)


Our friends TJ and Tricia are Cheese Heads, (cut 'em a little slack, they are from Wisconsin ;) ) were kind enough to bring back a little Cheese Head for our kitty, Jasmine, just in time for the holidays.  Can't you tell how excited she is?


And how can I forget this little gem! Last year, instead of having a traditional type party, we had a Crappy Yankee Swap, where people brought any "junk" they received for presents, re-wrapped them and brought them to be a part of the swap. Well this is what I opened. A scary brown elephant cookie jar. Some one seriously got this for Christmas! Well, this thing "traveled" from one house to another over the next few months. I have no idea who current lucky owner is now. Wow :)

So I do promise to not overload this blog with all things Christmas, but I just couldn't help but share my love, ahem, addiction, to this wonderful time of the year.