Signature Album Choices Form

Your Signature Album includes your choice of a Linen or Leather cover along with two lines of imprinting. If you've selected to add a Cover Image, your album will include that as well. Please choose from the following options and hit submit. Once I have received your selections I will reply with an Album Cover Confirmation email, confirming your selections before I finalize your album production. Thanks so much for sharing your choices below  - your timely response is greatly appreciated!!

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Album Cover Options Form

Please choose from these leather options below or select N/A if choosing a linen cover option.
Please choose from these linen selections below or select N/A if choosing a leather cover option.
The Signature Album comes with two lines of imprinting on the cover. It can be anything that you wish, most couples choose their names & wedding date, an example is shared below : Patrick & Lauren September 14, 2013 Please share your desired cover text below:
Please choose your desired Imprinting Font from the options below.
If a Cover Photo is included in your Album please use the corresponding filename for the image you would like to have on the cover. Please share the appropriate file name below :