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Isla's Ninth & Tenth Month

Yup, it happened… I missed sharing a month in Isla’s First Year. Navigating two kids, running a business and surviving the fall (the craziest time of year for wedding vendors) it was bound to happen. So I thought I’ll just combine the two and give you a two month recap!!

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Good Harbor Beach Engagement Session | Hayley & James

I not so secretly love sunrise engagement sessions - there is just something magical about watching the sun rise above the horizon as soft, golden light blankets the earth. The air is quiet, the world is still, in short it is a peaceful way to start the day!! I was delighted that Hayley & James loved the idea of a sunrise session for their beach engagement. So on a warm summer morning we met at Good Harbor and enjoyed exploring the near empty beach together.

Hybrid Session | 5dMarkIII & EOS-1V | Fuji 400h | Processed by The Find Lab

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Private Home Wedding on Cape Cod | Andrew & Elizabeth

From the moment Liz & Andy reached out asking if I was available to photograph their wedding day, I knew that it was going to be special. When we met this past spring for their engagement session, it confirmed to me just how amazing these two are. Full of life, Liz & Andy are charismatic people who instantly make you feel at ease and welcomed in their presence. They are two people who have found their match in each other, a perfect fit.

With deep family ties to the Falmouth area, Liz and Andy transformed a family home into their dream wedding venue. They held a casual beach ceremony for close family and friends then partied the night away under the tent in the backyard. Liz thought of every detail, personalizing the experience for their guests. It was a day full of meaning, love and LOTS of dancing!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Crane Beach Engagement Session | Austin & Laney

Laney & Austin love being near the water, it’s their happy place. When it came to planning their engagement session we knew that it had to be a location on the water. One of my favorite places, both personally and as a photographer, is Crane Beach in Ipswich - a beautiful beach made of soft white sand and gorgeous green dunes. The stunning locale spoke to their ocean loving hearts and was the perfect backdrop of their summer engagement. Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Mount Hope Farm Wedding | Emily & Ricky

Emily & Ricky’s wedding day started with white, puffy clouds but by the time we arrived to their First Look things started to change. The sky turned a dark grey/blue and lightning cracked across the sky off in the distance. In between rain drops and claps of thunder Emily & Ricky braved the elements with smiles and laughter — enjoying every minute they spent together with their wedding party. By the time portraits were over, the skies opened up and a deluge of rain really began…

But despite the weather they were determined to embrace the day. For example, Emily really had wanted pictures down by the water front but the rain continued to pour down. Instead of giving up, Emily gladly picked up her dress, grabbed an umbrella and sipped on their signature cocktail waterside for portraits. Their guests enjoyed cocktail hour under the tent and then when the rain finally let up, they headed out onto the patio for one of the most incredible sunsets we have ever seen at a wedding. Truly, it’s not what happens on your wedding day - but the attitude you have that matters most.

It was a joy to celebrate alongside Emily & Ricky and I am thrilled to be sharing my favorite images from their incredible day — truly it was a honor to be a part of their celebration!!

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Beacon Hill Engagement Session | Joe & Abby

Engaged on the Charles River, Abby & Joe wanted their engagement session to reflect the city that they love and joy they share together. On a beautiful early summer morning we visited some of their favorite spots around downtown, laughed together and enjoyed the near empty city streets. Sunrise sessions are some of my faves, there’s just something unique about experiencing the beginning of the day together and capturing the first light of the day with my couples!! And who could beat the smiles of these two? What a joy to capture their love, enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Mansion on Turner Hill Wedding | Maggie & Jack

Overlooking the Mansion on Turner Hill, Maggie got ready at her parents’ home, a place filled with meaning and memories for the Bride. White puffy clouds filled the bright summer sky and the heat of the July warmed the air. It was a quintessential New England summer day, just what Maggie & Jack envisioned for their wedding (albeit maybe not the humidity)!! With a quick ride down the hill, Maggie and Jack where ready to start their celebration. With their ceremony held in the garden and their reception under the tent in the courtyard, it was a perfect event from start to finish. Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Beverly At Home Newborn Session | The Snell Family

When I saw Jes’ email pop up in my inbox I excitedly hoped it was to learn that she and Dave were expecting - and I was right!! Three years ago I had the joy of meeting Jes and Dave thanks to past clients Rob and Rachel when they invited me into their home to photograph the arrival of their son. Meeting clients for the very first time can sometimes be a little nerve wracking, especially if you haven’t had the chance to work with them before. But Jes & Dave could not have been more welcoming and instantly I felt like a friend capturing their growing family. To be asked once again to capture this pivotal time in life is an incredible honor and LOTS of fun!! Their son Fitz is now a vibrant and adorable big brother and their sweet baby girl is a jewel. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be gifted the opportunity to capture their growing family. Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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Isla's Eighth Month

So you know how I said last month that the months have seemed to blur together, well month eighth definitely stood out on it's own!! Isla seemingly grew up over night and now is like a whole new baby!! This month has been by far my favorite and I just absolutely LOVE the little personality she reveals more and more to use each day. For some reason I have felt very sentimental this month, perhaps it's because we are quickly nearly her first birthday. I am just reminded again and again the gift that she has been to our family. We dreamed of having another baby and to see that dream wiggling around on my living room floor fills my heart in ways I can't fully describe. Ok, enjoy of the mushy stuff - let's get on to all the amazing things Isla has done this month!!

  • Probably the MOST exciting adventure this month was our trip to Hawaii!! Isla flew on her first flight (a six hour flight to California!!) and then onto Honolulu!! She was an absolute CHAMP and I couldn't have been more grateful for how well she flew and traveled for us while we were away.

  • Isla dipped her toes for the first time in the Pacific ocean!! She's still not a huge fan of being wet or cold so water might not be her thing, but Daddy made sure she touched Pacific waters at least once and gave her a dry ride around the lazy river at our hotel. 

  • She's definitely learning how to wave and it SO DANG CUTE!!

  • She's still trying to master crawling and is JUST about there!! So far it consists of lots of rolling around but she's beginning to push off on her toes. 

  • She's been incredibly vocal this month saying words like Mama and Isla which she LOVED repeating to delightful glees while were on vacation.

  • She is just the happiest, giggliest baby EVER and her smile makes my heart soar. 

  • She started holding her own bottle this month, drank out of a straw in Hawaii and can hold her own food pouch!!

  • She's definitely gone through a growth spurt this month. She looks and feels bigger (longer, more filled out). She has the cutest little leg rolls and the sweets cheeks. For all the strain we had with her at the beginning of the year with weight, this is been an answer to prayer for sure!!

  • The jury is still out on whether or not she has red hair!! I looks totally different in different light (from brown to blonde to red). Fingers crossed for some beautiful curly red hair to go with those beautiful blue eyes!!

  • Speaking of blue eyes, they are here to stay!! Isla's eyes are still my favorite feature and I hope some day she knows how lucky she is to have them in a beautiful shade of blue!!!

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Singing Beach Club Wedding | Molly & Eric

The North Shore holds a special place in my heart so when I have the opportunity to photograph love in this beautiful place, it is a joy from start to finish. Eric and Molly were wed on a beautiful summer day in Manchester by the Sea, a quaint seaside town filled with historic charm and nautical touches. It epitomizes all that makes the North Shore special : lobster traps and sailboats, the rocky shore and the charming cottages, it's quintessential New England. 

Molly & Eric chose the lovely Singing Beach Club located at Singing Beach to host their celebration. Just steps from the beach with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Club offered Molly & Eric's guests a sampling of all that the North Shore has to offer, transforming their property into an elegant and chic tented affair. With lots of pink details, my favorite!! Here are some of my fave images of the day -- enjoy!!

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Manchester by the Sea Yacht Club Rehearsal Dinner | Molly & Eric

On a beautiful June evening, Molly & Eric gathered their closest family and friends to treat them to a quintessential Cape Ann experience for their rehearsal dinner at the Manchester by the Sea Yacht Club. Situated in the heart of Manchester's harbor, Molly & Eric toasted to family and good friends amongst the rocky coast and the boats that dotted the harbor - including her family's own sailboat!! It was intimate evening, the perfect way to kick of their wedding weekend. Enjoy a few of my favorite images!!

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North Shore Maternity Session | The Williams Family

How appropriate to be sharing this adorable family Mini Session as Kristen & Kyle just welcomed their BABY GIRL into the world this past weekend!! On a beautiful summer evening we met to capture their life as a family of three and celebrate the upcoming arrival of their baby. What a joy it has been to walk life together with this amazing couple and we couldn't be more thrilled as they grow their family!!

View their winter maternity session here.

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Isla's Seventh Month

Hard to believe another month as come and gone -- every since Isla hit month five, the months have flown by at rapid pace. And each and every day I am ever so grateful she is in our lives. This age is JUST THE BEST!! She is cuddly, silly, loves to explore and watch the world around her. Being able to be at her side as she learns life is such an honor and just so fun!! Here are a few highlights of month seven : 

  • Isla spent her first overnight with Grammie and Grandpa, who graciously offered to babysit so that we could celebrate our anniversary. Yes I cried and Isla did AMAZING!!

  • Isla is still sleeping through the night and we are SO GRATEFUL. SO GRATEFUL. 

  • She continues to eat like a champ and will definitely let you know if you're not shoveling the food in fast enough, ha!

  • She's starting to sit up better and better each day but no crawling yet!!

  • She's starting to interact with her toys more and more these days, her faves continue to be Sophie and Mortimer and now Minnie too!! We have to make sure they are on us at all times.

  • Isla still dislikes the car seat and will sure let us know when she's over it!!

  • Only her two bottom teeth have popped through still waiting on those pesky others!! 

  • We've spent several amazing weekends in New Hampshire that saw Isla swimming for the first time at the lake an in a pool!! Jury's still out on whether or not she likes begin wet ;)

See more of Isla's First Year : Month OneMonth TwoMonth ThreeMonth Four, Month Five, Month Six

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Crane Beach Family Portraits

Part of what I love most about this job I have as a photographer is the opportunity to follow along with families throughout the years. Being able to have the opportunity to reconnect with couples and families year after year brings so much joy to my heart. So when Diana contacted me to help celebrate her daugther's second birthday with a portrait session, I was thrilled. This little cute, Olivia, has grown up before my camera - from her adorable six month portrait session to her first birthday and now as a full blown toddler who loves to run and jump and play, it has been so fun to watch them grow together!!

On a beautiful summer evening we met at one of my favorite portrait locations, Crane Beach, for a relaxed session together. Olivia got to play in the sand, run with Daddy, snuggle up with Mom and just enjoy being together. Here are some of my faves!! 

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Wianno Club Wedding | Joanne & Willie

Family is everything to Willie & Joanne so when it came time to plan their wedding day they were sure to fill every moment with meaningful tributes to their loved ones. They married on the Cape - a place incredibly special to Joanne's family, at the Wianno Club. Joanne wore her grandmother's dress - the same dress that her Mom wore on her wedding day.  Willie invited family from the Midwest to experience all the East Coast has to offer. Joanne shared a meaningful and heartfelt first look with her Dad. It was a joy to be there to capture it all!! Enjoy my favorites from the day below!!

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Estate at Moraine Farm Wedding | Camie & Michael

New England had a pretty rainy, cold spring. Some might even argue we went straight from winter right into spring. So when Michael & Camie's wedding day approached I was slightly concerned about what Mother Nature might have up her sleeve. Well all those cold and rainy days must have been leading up to their wedding because it was one of the most beautiful days we've had yet. The gardens at Moraine Farm were in full bloom with a gorgeous blue sky and the air was filled with a warm gentle breeze. It seemed as if Mother Nature wanted to show off just for Camie & Michael. 

I delighted in their garden inspired day - filled with colorful details and beautiful flowers. Camie and Michael chose Moraine Farm for it's natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere and it delivered on every front. Everywhere you looked their was beauty to be found, which of course made photographing their day such fun!! Enjoy a few of my favorite images from their day!!

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Isla's Sixth Month

To be honest at this point it kind of feels like the months are all melding together. Five, six, seven - it's been hard to keep them all on track and remember the milestones Isla has been reaching at each point!! She does so many new things all the time that it's just an all around exciting time.  I have to say that month six has been a fave of mine. It has been SO.MUCH.FUN. Her cuteness is over the top and her personality is really starting to show through. She's observant and has started to LOVE watching other people, learning what they are doing. In short, being around Isla right now is a pure joy!! Here are a few highlights of her sixth month : 

  • Isla has started sleeping consistently through the night... 7pm-6:30am!!!! It has been a game changer for us and our family. 

  • In related sleeping news, Isla has started napping!! Literally over night she decide napping was a good idea and will give me 1-2 great naps a day. Going from absolutely NO napping to at least a nap a day has been HUGE for me and for her!!

  • She LOOOOOVES food, LOVES IT!! Sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, mangos, pears, kale, cucumbers, carrots, apples and more. She get's real grumpy too if we don't feed her fast enough. Such a difference between her and her brother!!

  • Also over night, Isla started having extreme stranger danger. Mama and Daddy are it. She's gotten a LOT better as the weeks have gone on, but it's been hard as she's even uncomfortable with her grandparents. We take things slow and steady with introducing her to new things and that seems to help a lot :) 

  • Isla can sit up but hasn't mastered this skill yet. We're working on it!!

  • SHE POPPED TWO TEETH THIS MONTH!! Her bottom two. 

  • We FINALLY cleared the weight hurdle with Isla -- she's still not huge but the doctors are no longer concerned with her weight gain. Hallelujah!! 

  • She WANTS to crawl but hasn't gotten there yet. However if she wiggles enough she can get herself from point a to point b, even if it's not exactly where she wants to go ;) 

  • She is just so dang cute -- I love her beautiful eyes, her beautiful hair, her cute little chub, and of course those cheeks, still going strong!!

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Coastal New England Engagement Session

On a foggy spring afternoon I met A & E at Falmouth Light on Cape Cod. The wind came in off the water as boats sounded their horns in the distance. For most couples this kind of weather might not have been ideal, but for A & E it was the perfect setting for their Cape Cod engagement session. The Cape holds a special place in their hearts, so much so that they decided to host their wedding here later this fall. It was so lovely to share in this beautiful place with A & E and to experience all the Cape has to offer, fog and all!! Enjoy a few of my favorite images!! 

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Genna & Max Married on Cape Cod

If there is one thing about New England that is predictable, is that weather in New England is completely unpredictable. Sunny one moment, rainy the next. And that's exactly what Mother Nature gave us on Genna & Max's wedding day. Off and on rain, mist and some incredibly beautiful fog. But despite the up and down of the weather, Genna and Max remained steady - both grounded in the happiness they shared to finally be at this moment together, their wedding day. 

Married on Cape Cod, where they spend much time together as a couple and with family, Genna & Max were delighted to share this special place with their loved ones. They filled their day with nautical and classic details, a perfect compliment for their coastal New England celebration!! Enjoy some of my absolutely favorites from the day!!

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