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Isla's Eleventh & Twelfth Month

ISLA IS ONE!!! I can hardly believe I am writing this!! In fact she’s almost 13 months…. This year has been nuts - in the best and craziest ways. Since this will be the last post in my Baby’s First Year series, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share more in depth some of the details about Isla’s first year.

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Isla's Ninth & Tenth Month

Yup, it happened… I missed sharing a month in Isla’s First Year. Navigating two kids, running a business and surviving the fall (the craziest time of year for wedding vendors) it was bound to happen. So I thought I’ll just combine the two and give you a two month recap!!

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Isla's Eighth Month

So you know how I said last month that the months have seemed to blur together, well month eighth definitely stood out on it's own!! Isla seemingly grew up over night and now is like a whole new baby!! This month has been by far my favorite and I just absolutely LOVE the little personality she reveals more and more to use each day. For some reason I have felt very sentimental this month, perhaps it's because we are quickly nearly her first birthday. I am just reminded again and again the gift that she has been to our family. We dreamed of having another baby and to see that dream wiggling around on my living room floor fills my heart in ways I can't fully describe. Ok, enjoy of the mushy stuff - let's get on to all the amazing things Isla has done this month!!

  • Probably the MOST exciting adventure this month was our trip to Hawaii!! Isla flew on her first flight (a six hour flight to California!!) and then onto Honolulu!! She was an absolute CHAMP and I couldn't have been more grateful for how well she flew and traveled for us while we were away.

  • Isla dipped her toes for the first time in the Pacific ocean!! She's still not a huge fan of being wet or cold so water might not be her thing, but Daddy made sure she touched Pacific waters at least once and gave her a dry ride around the lazy river at our hotel. 

  • She's definitely learning how to wave and it SO DANG CUTE!!

  • She's still trying to master crawling and is JUST about there!! So far it consists of lots of rolling around but she's beginning to push off on her toes. 

  • She's been incredibly vocal this month saying words like Mama and Isla which she LOVED repeating to delightful glees while were on vacation.

  • She is just the happiest, giggliest baby EVER and her smile makes my heart soar. 

  • She started holding her own bottle this month, drank out of a straw in Hawaii and can hold her own food pouch!!

  • She's definitely gone through a growth spurt this month. She looks and feels bigger (longer, more filled out). She has the cutest little leg rolls and the sweets cheeks. For all the strain we had with her at the beginning of the year with weight, this is been an answer to prayer for sure!!

  • The jury is still out on whether or not she has red hair!! I looks totally different in different light (from brown to blonde to red). Fingers crossed for some beautiful curly red hair to go with those beautiful blue eyes!!

  • Speaking of blue eyes, they are here to stay!! Isla's eyes are still my favorite feature and I hope some day she knows how lucky she is to have them in a beautiful shade of blue!!!

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Isla's Seventh Month

Hard to believe another month as come and gone -- every since Isla hit month five, the months have flown by at rapid pace. And each and every day I am ever so grateful she is in our lives. This age is JUST THE BEST!! She is cuddly, silly, loves to explore and watch the world around her. Being able to be at her side as she learns life is such an honor and just so fun!! Here are a few highlights of month seven : 

  • Isla spent her first overnight with Grammie and Grandpa, who graciously offered to babysit so that we could celebrate our anniversary. Yes I cried and Isla did AMAZING!!

  • Isla is still sleeping through the night and we are SO GRATEFUL. SO GRATEFUL. 

  • She continues to eat like a champ and will definitely let you know if you're not shoveling the food in fast enough, ha!

  • She's starting to sit up better and better each day but no crawling yet!!

  • She's starting to interact with her toys more and more these days, her faves continue to be Sophie and Mortimer and now Minnie too!! We have to make sure they are on us at all times.

  • Isla still dislikes the car seat and will sure let us know when she's over it!!

  • Only her two bottom teeth have popped through still waiting on those pesky others!! 

  • We've spent several amazing weekends in New Hampshire that saw Isla swimming for the first time at the lake an in a pool!! Jury's still out on whether or not she likes begin wet ;)

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Isla's Sixth Month

To be honest at this point it kind of feels like the months are all melding together. Five, six, seven - it's been hard to keep them all on track and remember the milestones Isla has been reaching at each point!! She does so many new things all the time that it's just an all around exciting time.  I have to say that month six has been a fave of mine. It has been SO.MUCH.FUN. Her cuteness is over the top and her personality is really starting to show through. She's observant and has started to LOVE watching other people, learning what they are doing. In short, being around Isla right now is a pure joy!! Here are a few highlights of her sixth month : 

  • Isla has started sleeping consistently through the night... 7pm-6:30am!!!! It has been a game changer for us and our family. 

  • In related sleeping news, Isla has started napping!! Literally over night she decide napping was a good idea and will give me 1-2 great naps a day. Going from absolutely NO napping to at least a nap a day has been HUGE for me and for her!!

  • She LOOOOOVES food, LOVES IT!! Sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, mangos, pears, kale, cucumbers, carrots, apples and more. She get's real grumpy too if we don't feed her fast enough. Such a difference between her and her brother!!

  • Also over night, Isla started having extreme stranger danger. Mama and Daddy are it. She's gotten a LOT better as the weeks have gone on, but it's been hard as she's even uncomfortable with her grandparents. We take things slow and steady with introducing her to new things and that seems to help a lot :) 

  • Isla can sit up but hasn't mastered this skill yet. We're working on it!!

  • SHE POPPED TWO TEETH THIS MONTH!! Her bottom two. 

  • We FINALLY cleared the weight hurdle with Isla -- she's still not huge but the doctors are no longer concerned with her weight gain. Hallelujah!! 

  • She WANTS to crawl but hasn't gotten there yet. However if she wiggles enough she can get herself from point a to point b, even if it's not exactly where she wants to go ;) 

  • She is just so dang cute -- I love her beautiful eyes, her beautiful hair, her cute little chub, and of course those cheeks, still going strong!!

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Isla's Fifth Month

I better write this post fast before she turns six months!! Gosh this month has FLOWN by!! I think month five has been the fastest so far -- truly in the blink of an eye we're nearing six months!! To be honest, there hasn't bee a HUGE change from month four to month five or maybe it's that all the changes are subtle and meld together that it's hard to keep track. Just all of a sudden you turn around and it's like your baby is a new person over night!! Here are a few of the highlights of month five!

  • Isla is a ROLLING machine!! She loves to roll from her back to her tummy - just don't let her stay that way for long or she'll let you know she's not happy!

  • Speaking of rolling over, she LOVES sleeping on her tummy. As soon as I place her in the crib, before I even leave the room, she's already rolled onto her tummy to sleep. 

  • Still HATES the pacifier - I still don't know if it's good or bad for us!!

  • She started eating solids this month - we started with oats and she DEVOURED THEM. She LOVES her food!! We just started on avocado. 

  • Isla has learned her voice this month becoming more and more vocal. He little coos and squeaks are pretty much the sweetest sound in the world!!

  • Sleep still alludes us -- she's given us a few days here and there where she'll sleep through the night (a consecutive 8 hours) but most nights she's up around 4 or 5am AND WON'T GO BACK DOWN. We're tired. 

  • Isla helped me kick off the wedding season by traveling to the Cape with Dave and I in May. She slept like a champ in a strange place and even took a nap so I could watch the Royal Wedding!!

  • Isla loooves her big brother and thinks he is the silliest -- he obviously loves this to no end :) 

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