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Preparing For the Morning Of The Wedding

In the fourth post of the DZP Wedding Planning Series, I am sharing how to prepare for the morning of your wedding to make the most of this precious time with your loved ones. Months of planning and preparation have lead to this moment -- getting ready on your wedding day!! There will be lot swirling around you, often it can be overwhelming and a lot to take in. Read on to learn how to reduce stress and enjoy every minute as you get ready for your wedding.

To Consider

  •  Would you like your loved ones with you as you get into your dress?

Some Brides choose to be alone while others like being surrounded by their Wedding Party and loved ones. Think about your personality, if you are a private person and how you handle being surrounded by lots of people. 

  • Would you like to have a “First Look” with your Father or an important male figure in your life?

The Father/Daughter First Look is becoming more and more popular with Brides choosing to create a special moment to have their their Dad's before the Ceremony or First Look. If you'd like to have this moment with the important male figure in your life, you'll want to be sure it is scheduled into the timeline. Plan for 5-10 minutes to photograph this moment.

  • Will you be exchanging gifts? If so, who would you like to deliver them?

If you will be exchanging gifts you will want to ensure that a photographer is present to document that moment. Plan for 5-10 minutes to photograph this moment. 

  • How far away is your getting ready location from the ceremony?

Finding a place to get ready that is close to your Ceremony or Reception site will help to limit the amount of travel and time needed to get from point a to point b.


The dress, jewelry, invitations, florals all tie together to tell a beautiful story. They are an important piece of the photographic portfolio and I love having the opportunity to style them together. I’ve included a list of the various items that I will be photographing as you get ready. To save time, you can gather these items beforehand and have them ready to be photographed when I arrive. Don’t be afraid to include any items like extra fabric, decor elements, family heirlooms and personalized touches.


What To Gather : Brides

Dress with a speciality hanger

Veil/Hair Pieces


Rings (Engagement & Wedding band)

Invitation Suite



Bouquet & Florals

Family Heirlooms

Extra Decor Elements

Something Borrowed & Blue

Special Gifts


What To Gather : Grooms


Tie or Bowtie





Wedding Ring

Getting Ready Suite

  • One of the most important parts of Getting Ready is where you get ready. You will want a space that has room for your Wedding Party, photographer, hair and makeup team. Consider a suite that has separated rooms to help eliminate clutter and create space for people to move about.
  • Choose a suite that has ample window and natural light. I need one large natural light source, often that is a large picture window. Remember your hair and makeup team will likely need a window with natural light as well, so the more windows the better.
  • Consider the feeling of your Getting Ready space. Spaces that are tastefully decorated and with simple color palettes work best. You don't want anything in the suite (carpet, furniture, decor) that is not cohesive to your color palette or theme of the day. If getting ready at someone’s home, don’t be afraid to rearrange or remove pieces of furniture to create more space and better reflect the vision of your wedding day.
  • Many times I will walk into the getting ready space on a wedding day and it is dark and small. It may seem like a small detail, but where you get ready on the wedding day is incredibly important. A large space, with different rooms and lots of natural window light will make a huge difference in the look, feel and quality of your images. 

Tips For Getting Ready

  • Gather your details before I arrive so they are ready to be photographed and I can begin right away.
  • Sometimes it can be the smallest of details that makes the biggest difference. Don’t be afraid to include extra decor or floral elements, ribbons or heirlooms.

  • I like to include the wedding rings (wedding and engagement) in the detail images. If you are planning on having the Bridal Party portraits before the ceremony, a Bridesmaid or loved one can deliver the rings during this time to ensure that the Best Man has the rings before the ceremony.

  • Don’t forget to ask your florist to deliver the bouquet and flowers as you are getting ready. That way you’ll have the bouquet and boutonniere available for the First Look or portraits before the ceremony. We’ll be sure to keep the florals in water and avoid humidity.

  • When it’s time to get dressed your Mom and Bridesmaids should be ready. Also wait to put on jewelry, shoes and last minute details so I can photograph this while you are in your dress.