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Travelogue : Rome, Georgia


It's been a crazy season for us, both professionally and personally. Part of it has to do with the fall being the busiest time of year for wedding industry professionals. Part of it just has to do with the season of life that we find ourselves in now. I was wrung out, tired, sad. Last week, as I packed up my bags for a week away in Georgia, everything screamed, "DON'T GO!" Being the stubborn red head I am, I ignored those words and made my way to the airport. Everything be damned.

On my early morning flight I watched the sun rise over the horizon. Being a nervous flyer, being 40,000 feet above the ground would typically send me into a tailspin. I kept waiting to be nervous, for the moment that would make my palms sweat and my hear race, yet instead I found myself at peace. All the crazy that had been swirling around our lives in the days leading up to Pursuit suddenly seemed as small as the landscape below. 

Pursuit has changed much since the time years ago that I was introduced to it's founder, Karen Stott. Today it's a conference for christian woman creatives, women who love their business, love people and love God. It's such a rarity to be surrounded by such like minded people and it rejuvenated my soul in ways that I'm only now just beginning to realize. Talks ranging from motivational to actionable business advice. Times of rest and laughter. Praying together and sharing our lives together. It was just what my spirit had been longing for and it was completely unexpected. Every day I was reminded in some way that I was exactly where I should be. The voice screaming "DON'T GO" before I left was replaced with a "I'm glad you are here". 

The conference takes place at a magical place called Winshape. Everyone who has attended the conference years prior has talked about Winshape like it is some sort of oasis in the middle of the Georgian mountains. Before attending Winshape I was skeptical, I mean how special can this place really be? You know what? It is speical, it really is.  From the warm southern hospitality (sweethearts, yes ma'ams, door holding, my pleasures, smiles, are all foreign to Northerners!), to the sweeping views, to the quiet peace that surrounds the Winshape campus, all come together to set this place apart. It sounds almost foolish to talk about a place in a such a way, but for me the peace of Winshape was healing. It was just what I needed.

All too quickly it was time to pack up my bags again and head home. To head back to life and the craziness of mid-fall. But I left Pursuit changed, in part to the relationships, encouragement and knowledge shared. But mostly thanks to God, who used this time to pick me up when I needed it most, who used people to speak to my soul when I needed it most, who used this time to inspire me to dig deeper into my business and the talents I've been given. Pursuit was just what I needed, even though I wasn't sure I needed it.

The Pursuit Conference : A Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs
The Pursuit Conference : A Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs