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Charleston, South Carolina


DZP Is Coming To Charleston

After Dave and I returned from our family vacation in April we immediately started to plan a mini getaway to South Carolina. Call us crazy, but when you're a wedding photographer and every minute of your summer and fall are planned, there leaves very little room for time to jet away. We've been dying to have an opportunity to visit the charming city of Charleston so when the chance came we grabbed it!! We head off this weekend to eat all the food and take lots of pictures! We'll be traveling without the babe and while you KNOW I'm going to miss Jonathan TERRIBLY, Dave and I are pretty excited for a few days together (read : sleeping in).

I've been wanting to visit Charleston for quite some time now...the historic charm, the quirky character, the GOOD FOOD, it has all I could want in a city and more! I can't believe we're actually going, it's going to be wonderful!! Of course I couldn't head to a city as charming as Charleston without opening up the possibility of a portrait session!! If you or someone you know will be in the Charleston area and is interested in a portrait session, let's get connected!! 

Travel : Charleston, South Carolina

When : Sunday May 24 - Tuesday May 26

What : A portrait session in the Charleston area

(*Session is for any couple celebrating an engagement or anniversary)



Has anyone visited Charleston before? What are the must dos? Where should we eat? (Really that's the most important part;)). I'd love to read your best Charleston tips in the comments!! See you down south!!